Dental whitening

Types of whitening:

  • The whitening in the dental office takes place in one session (maximum 2) with a concentrated gel. It is not recommended to the persons with sensitive teeth. It can be carried out with or without mouth guards and is followed by a desensitization and fluodiration treatment.
  • Home whitening: mouth guards adapted to the teeth are made and a gel with lower concentration is used. The mouth guards are worn during the night for 6-8 nights. It is recommended to patients with more sensitive teeth. The slight sensitivity during the treatment and a few days after it is normal.
  • Laser whitening: is the most efficient whitening system, the effects being immediate. The treatment consists in applying a gel on the teeth, which is activated with the laser. The whitening process is repeated whenever necessary until the desired nuance. The procedure is not painful, but a dental sensitivity can appear which will disappear after a few days. A fluorine substance is applied on teeth after each whitening session in order to reduce this sensitivity.

Advice for whitening maintenance:

During the whitening treatment and 2-3 weeks after it, coloured beverages (coffee, cola, red or black wine, chocolate) and smoking are not allowed. It is recommended an oral hygiene as better as possible. Professional scaling and brushing is recommended at the doctor’s indication.