We are one of the few dentistry clinics in Bucharest equipped with a cutting edge laser – FOTONA.
It is an Nd-Yag laser with applications both in dentistry and dermatology. It has a fine and in depth action, with fast and spectacular results.

In dentistry:


  • whitening – whitening – It is the most efficient whitening system, having immediate effects. The treatment consists in applying a gel on the teeth, which is activated by the laser. The whitening process is repeated as many times necessary, until the desired shade is obtained. The procedure is not painful, but a dental sensitivity may occur, which disappears after a few days. After each whitening session a fluorine substance is applied on the teeth to reduce this sensitivity.
  • – due to the extremely fine and accurate cauterization and coagulation properties, the laser is successfully used also in gingival esthetics.


  • the laser fibre infiltrates the root canal, performing a quick and in depth disinfection of the entire intracanalicular system, therefore, saving teeth which otherwise should be extracted.


In the periodontal disease, the tissue that supports the tooth in the bone inflames and then gets infected. By means of laser, these tissues can be disinfected and healed, with no need for ample surgical interventions, increasing the lifetime of the tooth on the arch.


Laser is used in the field of surgery also. Both implants and teeth uncovering, as well as gum and soft tissue plasties can be performed.

Protezare Implanturi Frontale - inainte de tratament
Protezare Implanturi Frontale - conformare gingivala
Protezare Implanturi Frontale - dupa tratament


Vascular lesions treatment – angiomas, angiokeratomas, dilated vessels (angiotelectases, reticular venules), couperosis (diffuse blush of the face).

  • The target vessels are quickly coagulated, either we are talking about angiomas (small red lesions of the skin) or unesthetic dilated vessels, frequent on the lower limbs (developed based on chronic venous insufficiency, after pregnancy, standing for a long period of time, etc.), without damaging the surrounding skin.


tratament cuperoza cu Laser - inainte de tratament tratament cuperoza cu Laser - inainte de tratament
tratament cuperoza cu Laser - dupa tratament tratament cuperoza cu Laser - dupa tratament

Treatment of the inflammatory affections of the face – acne, rosacea

  • Laser treats the local inflammation, restoring the skin normal balance and, by the heat generated on the tissues, destroys the microorganisms (bacteria, etc.) frequently responsible for acne/rosacea aggravation.

Nail mycosis treatment

  • Nail mycosis treatment frequently implies long cures of medications which break down in the liver, generating numerous side effects, or local treatments difficult to use;
  • Recent studies prove the Fotona laser efficiency in the nail mycosis treatment, in only a few sessions, completely painless or without adverse reactions.


Cutaneous rejuvenation

  • Laser treatment, repeated in multiple sessions, determines the stimulation of new collagen fibers synthesis and reorganisation of cutaneous structure, so that the result is a more firm and bright skin;
  • Is a non – invasive (does not cause burns or lesions of the skin), painless (during the procedure you feel only a light sensation of local heat) treatment, which does not need recovery time.

(poze rejuvenare)

Definitive hair removal

  • Removal of unwanted hair from various body areas, by means of selective phototermolysis (removes the hair root without affecting the surrounding skin).