Sterilisation and infections control

Sterilizare si controlul infectiilor - Instrumente stomatologiceWe live times when the increasing resistance of viruses and bacteria worries more and more the medical world. Under these conditions, a strict control of infections during the medical procedures is required.
Technology evolved greatly in this field also: the medical equipment is sterilised in modern machines from which instruments get out already packed in foils which have incorporated a sterilisation marker.

In the Liren clinic, for a complete sterilisation of the medical equipment the following steps are performed:

  • Pre-sterilisation directly in the office, after the use, in special boxes;
  • Manual and/or ultrasonic wash;
  • Packing the equipment in disposable foils with incorporated sterilisation marker;
  • Actual sterilisation in autoclaves;
  • inscription of date and time on each package.
  • Store and distribution of the instruments in strict hygiene conditions.

Also our staff is permanently trained and verified in order to strictly comply with the hygiene rules.