Anca Ciobanu, MD

Member of the Liren team with over 12 years experience.

She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine in Bucharest, in 2013. She chose our clinic considering that she needs a professional environment, with well trained and passionate people, in order to become better and perfect her skills.

Courses and symposiums

  • “Threshold Preparations for Crowns and Facets” Course, Dr. Dan Lazăr, October 2017;
  • “Digital Smile Design” Course, Alexandru Petre, PhD, July 2017;
  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics “Aesthetics and Functionality”, May 2016, Bucharest;
  • Noritake CeramisDays 2016 – Dental Aesthetics, morphology, Material Section. Multi-Layered Zirconia. Layered vs. Stained”: MDT. Daniel Jakab, MDT. Kazunoby Yamada, MDT. Daniele Rondoni, 2017;
  • Fully Ceramic Restorations in 2016: Clinical Stages – Nasser Barghi, PhD, October 2016;
  • Smart Endo Days 2016 Conference – Specialization Conference in Endodontics, October 2016;
  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics “Aesthetics and Functionality”, May 2016, Bucharest;
  • “Complex Aesthetic Rehabilitations with Occlusal Balancing: Working Stages and Practice-Lab Communication” Course, Dr. Janusz Lalinowski (Germany), TD Bartosz Troczynski (Poland), April 2016;
  • “Morphology and Bio-architecture of Posterior and Anterior Restorations: from Wax to Composite” Course, MDT. Daniele Rondoni (Italy), April 2016;
  • Theory and hands-on Course:” Non-surgical and Surgical Endodontic Treatment”, Arnaldo Castellucici, PhD (Italy), November 2016;
  • “Endodontic Master Series 2015” Conference, Dr. Roberto Cristescu, Dr. Miguel Seruca, Dr. Macedo Ricardo, Dr. Aznar Carlos, Dr. Moinzadeh Amir, April 2015;
  • “Focus on Aesthetic Dentistry: from diagnosis and case documentation to extreme makeover” Course, Dr. Roberto Rossi, Dr. Filippo Dini, Dr. Simone Deliperi (Italia), November 2014;
  • Hands-on Course and Live OP: Ceramic Facets: Basic Principles in Concrete Cases, Dr. Rolando Nunez (SUA), July 2014;
  • “Clinical Endodontics” Module I Course, Lector: Arnaldo Castellucci, PhD (Italy), November 2013;
  • “Current Advances in the Warm Vertical Condensation Technique” Course, Lector: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, organizer TerraDent, October 2013, Bucharest;
  • “Facets from Conventional to Non-prep”, Lector: Dr. Jurgen Wahlmann (Germany), September 2013;
  • “Periodontal Peri-implant Surgery” Course – Live OP: Dr. Roberto Rossi (USA), September 2013.