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Digital Oral Fingerprint (intraoral scan)

Digital dental scan (or intraoral scanning) is a modern and comfortable method for the patient and doctor, which involves the use of a small device (comparable to an electric toothbrush or a light-curable lamp) that records a series of photos from the patient’s oral cavity. The images are transmitted to a computer and will be placed in the form of a dental impression. This method replaces the traditional method of imprinting with spoons and silicones, it is more accurate, more convenient and faster.


Liren Clinic has a cutting edge digital radiology equipment which provides an exceptional image quality with a minimum radiation quantity. By means of this equipment, (small) retroalveolar radiographies, as well as panoramic radiographies (for the entire mouth) can be performed.

As well as the photography went from paper to digital, the dental radiology goes from the conventional picture to digital radiography.

Digital radiography implies the same X-radiation generator as in conventional picture, but the settings are modified, so that the irradiation time is shorter and so the radiation dose reaching the patient is much smaller.

The sensor on which the information is stored is flexible, easy to use both for the radiology nurse, as well as for the patient. After performing the radiography, it is inserted in a scanner, thus the image reaches in the computer.

Advantages of the digital radiology and of a radiology laboratory pertaining to the dental office:

  • much lower radiation dose (most recent studies certify a radiation reduction of up to 80%);
  • possibility of processing the image on the 
  • image quality (an image resolution which is net 
superior to the classic picture, resolution which enables the doctor to give a more precise diagnostic)
  • many times in endodontics (canal treatment), a radiography with the needles on the canal is needed so that the doctor is sure that he/she prepared correctly the tooth root on its entire length. This is possible only if the office has in- house radiology. Failure of the endodontic treatment and subsequent reinterventions can be therefore prevented
  • time saving for the patient, who is no longer necessitated to go to another location in order to make the radiographies indicated by the doctor;
  • ecological – no chemical substances are used for developing, substances harmful for the environment.

Endodontic microscope

Our clinic completes its dental equipment with this microscope indispensable for modern root canal treatments. It can be used in almost all dental procedures, but the selection indication is endodontics. The endodontic microscope amplifies and illuminates teeth interior, enabling the performance of extremely precise treatments and therefore helping to save otherwise irrecoverable teeth.


We are one of the few dentistry clinics in Bucharest equipped with a cutting edge laser – FOTONA.
It is an Nd-Yag laser with applications both in dentistry and dermatology. It has a fine and in depth action, with fast and spectacular results.


The Liren clinic is equipped with the latest international regulations with automatic machines for processing reusable dental instruments. Hydrim C61WDG4 dental washing and disinfecting machines are manufactured by the Canadian company SciCan and are approved by the Romanian Ministry of Health.
In our clinic, after any intervention, the instruments are placed in the automatic machine that washes, rinses, disinfects and dries the dental instruments. 


This is a device by means of which the surgeon inserts he dental implants in a short time and with a minimum intervention on the bone.

We have chosen this fully technological and digitized way to ensure that the instruments are properly processed before being sterilized and to protect all persons who come into contact with the dental instruments in the clinic.
Using the automatic machine daily, we are sure that all the instruments are processed according to ISO standards, and at the end of each processing cycle the medical device issues a report that contains a unique digital signature.
This report with the unique digital signature presents all the operating parameters, processing times, exposure times to the decontaminants, the time allocated to thermal disinfection and the A0 value recorded for the thermal disinfection concept.
In the end, we are sure that the processed tools are completely disinfected and ready for sterilization. We offer quality standards for both our patients and our physicians and clinic nurses.

Reducer for endodontics

Is a device necessary to perform canal treatments. By its means, the labour becomes predictable and precise, providing the tooth the base it needs in order to remain as long as possible on the dental arch. This device has the apex finder incorporated, a system by which the doctor can accurately locate the root tip, being therefore able to prepare and then obdurate the root canal on its entire length.

Sterilisation and infections control

We live times when the increasingresistance of viruses and bacteria worries more and more the medical world. Under these conditions, a strict control of infections during the medical procedures is required.

Technology evolved greatly in this field also: the medical equipment is sterilised in modern machines from which instruments get out already packed in foils which have incorporated a sterilisation marker.

The steps of a complete sterilisation are:

  • pre-sterilisation (in special boxes in the office);
  • manual/ultrasonic wash;
  • packing the equipment in disposable foils with incorporated sterilisation marker;
  • actual sterilisation in autoclaves;
  • printing of the day and time of sterilisation;
  • storage.

In our clinic, the staff is permanently trained and verified in order to strictly comply with the hygiene rules.

Dental units

Our clinic is equipped with modern Sirona-Siemens, Castellini, Morita units, all their parts being provided with optic fibre and cooling. The dentist can therefore perform precise and fast labour.