About Liren

A family business where you feel at home.

Liren Clinic started 20 years ago as a family practice and has become a clinic with young doctors who feel at home here.

Our clinic is the place where you find what you probably expect to find in such a place: a modern clinic, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced and passionate doctors, a place where the patient is treated with care and patience. And there one other thing you will find here, something that only we can do: we work on the smile, not the tooth. We don’t only focus on solving one problem, we focus on the whole picture.

And you will be part of this process.

Our team of doctors will propose several treatment options that may suit you, approaches which take into account your specific medical emergencies, while considering your entire smile:

We will propose the most efficient method of treatment, but we will also consider your schedule and budget. You will hear big words such as:

  • implantology
  • prosthetics
  • periodontology
  • orthodontics
  • endodontics
  • dental aesthetics.

But we will explain to you what every word means and what you need to know is that these words are the guarantee of how good our specialists are. Because each and every doctor is specialized in something described by these words.

Maybe we will recommend you meet our doctors, maybe you will only meet one of them. What we know for sure is that someone will take care of you and your teeth, and they will help you get back your big smile.