Laura Săvoiu, MD

Cofounder of Liren Clinic and Orthodontic Specialist.

After graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine in Bucharest, in 2004, Dr. Laura Săvoiu continued to improve her professional skills in the field of Orthodontics and Dental Aesthetics, by taking various courses in the country and abroad.

Courses and symposiums

  • FACE – Functional and Cosmetic Excellence – 2 years advanced orthodontics program, Bucharest, 2015 – 2017;
  • “Digital Smile Design” Course, 2017, Bucharest;
  • “Treatment of impacted teeth” – Adrian Becker and Stella Chaushu, May 18th – 20th 2017;
  • “Digital or Classic in Dental Medicine” Symposium, AMSMB, Bucharest, March 11th – 12th 2016;
  • “Interferences between Dental Medicine and Sleep Therapy” Symposium, AMSMB, Bucharest, March 11th – 12th March 2016;
  • “Orthodontics Treatment Strategies in mixed dentition” Course, Jorge Ayala, October 2016;
  • “Latest Developments on Face treatment Mechanics” FACE – Functional and Cosmetic Excellence, Madrid, Spain, March 4th – 5th 2016;
  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics, Bucharest, May 2016;
  • Course in “Prosthetic Solutions with Clinical Assistance”, Alex Petre, PhD, Bucharest, November 2015;
  • Course in “Getting the best from system 4.0”, John Bennet, PhD, Bucharest, November 2014;
  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics, Bucharest, 2013;
  • Aesthetic Excellence – Course in Aesthetics, Dr. Galip Gurel, Istanbul, 2013;
  • Cephalometry – Perfection and Control, Simplified Biomechanics for Class II Anomalies, Control Crowding, Romanian StraightWire Association, Bucharest, July 13th – 14th 2012;
  • Course in Fotona Laser, Slovenia, March 2012;
  • Course in Occlusology, Georg Meyer, PhD, Bucharest, November 2012;
  • Course in “Surgical Orthognathic Treatment”, Johan Reyneke, PhD, Bucharest, November 2012;
  • Course in “Orthodontic Treatment – Systematization and Efficiency”, Richard McLaughlin, PhD, November 2011;
  • Course in “Philosophy of the MBT Technique”, Jose Trevisi, Bucharest, 2011;
  • Course in “Modern Techniques to Approach the Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Treatment”, Andre Horn, PhD, Bucharest, September 2011;
  • The Tweed Course, 2010, Tucson, Arizona;
  • Course in „The Speed System”, Paris, 2009;
  • Course in “Diagnosis of Mandibular Articulation in Orthodontics”, Horvath Janos, Bucharest, January 2009;
  • Course in “The Power of Management in Dental Practices”, Dr. Hans Seeholzer, Bucharest, September 2008;
  • 12th Congress of the Romanian Association of Orthodontics, Cluj-Napoca, June 7th – 9th 2007;
  • Course in “Straight wire technique II”, Dr. Gruner, Dentaurum, September 2007;
  • International EOS Congress, Berlin, 2007;
  • Course in “Open Occlusion; Angle II with Extraction of Four Premolars”, Ortoforum, Budapest, February 22nd – 24th 2007;
  • Course in “Straight Arch Wire Technique I – Case with Class II Anomaly with Extraction of Four Premolars”, Dr. Gruner, Dentaurum, Sinaia, November 15th – 18th 2006;
  • Course in “Straight Arch Wire Technique I”, Dr. Gruner, Bucharest, October 18th – 21st 2006;
  • Course in “Secrets of the Perfect Aesthetics Magic”, UNAS Bucharest, April 1st – 2nd 2006;
  • Course in “Mini-implant – Revolution in Orthodontics”, National Romanian Association of Orthodontics, Bucharest, November 5th 2006.