Caries therapy

Dental caries is a bacteriological origin lesion which progessively destroys the hard tissue of the tooth. In the incipient stages it is asymptomatic and can be discovered only by the doctor. When the lesion is noticed by the patient or the pain has begun, the caries process is already much advanced. The more early the caries is discovered, the more smaller the dental sacrifice, the more simple and less expensive the treatment.

Terapia cariilor

The evolution is towards the inside of the tooth, destroying the dental crown and reaching the dental pulp (nerve). In this stage the pains are frequent and intense and the tooth needs canal treatment.

Caries treatment aims to:

  • remove the affected dental tissue;
  • protect the remaining tissue with materials 
which disinfect and isolation; 

  • restore (fill) the tooth by means of some 
materials which equally provide durability, functionality and aesthetics.