Liren Clinic has a cutting edge digital radiology equipment which provides an exceptional image quality with a minimum radiation quantity.

By means of this equipment, (small) retroalveolar radiographies, as well as panoramic radiographies (for the entire mouth) can be performed.

As well as the photography went from paper to digital, the dental radiology goes from the conventional picture to digital radiography.

Digital radiography implies the same X-radiation generator as in conventional picture, but the settings are modified, so that the irradiation time is shorter and so the radiation dose reaching the patient is much smaller.


The sensor on which the information is stored is flexible, easy to use both for the radiology nurse, as well as for the patient. After performing the radiography, it is inserted in a scanner, thus the image reaches in the computer.

Advantages of the digital radiology and of a radiology laboratory pertaining to the dental office:

  • much lower radiation dose (most recent studies certify a radiation reduction of up to 80%);
  • possibility of processing the image on the 
  • image quality (an image resolution which is net 
superior to the classic picture, resolution which enables the doctor to give a more precise diagnostic);
  • many times in endodontics (canal treatment), a radiography with the needles on the canal is needed so that the doctor is sure that he/she prepared correctly the tooth root on its entire length. This is possible only if the office has in- house radiology. Failure of the endodontic treatment and subsequent reinterventions can be therefore prevented;
  • time saving for the patient, who is no longer necessitated to go to another location in order to make the radiographies indicated by the doctor;
  • ecological – no chemical substances are used for developing, substances harmful for the environment.